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Luckslinger showcase at E3!

Hey all!

We haven’t posted any news in a while, but we’re suuuuuuuuuper excited to share that we will be showcasing Luckslinger at E3 in Los Angeles together with indiecade! (all 3 days of E3)

We’re still hard at work on the full version of Luckslinger and (as you might have guessed) our release-date moved a bit (at first we wanted to release at the end of May) but we will announce our new release date soon :)!

And for those who have played our demo, thanks for playing :) the full version will be waaay better than the demo version :D

New facebook page for Luckslinger!

Hey all,

We recently decided that it would (probably) be a good idea to make a  separate facebook page for Luckslinger, check it here :)

Back from Amsterdam Global game Jam, here are 5 small (but important) game jam tips!

We are a two person indie game developer based in The Netherlands. This was our first year that we went as a team of 2 to participate in the global game jam.

It was a bit scary at first. Having a bigger team can really support you, especially in a psychological way. A lot of pressure rests on your shoulders as in, “what if we can’t come up with a good idea…”. If you are in a bigger team of lets say 6 or 8, maybe you won’t even have to.

I wanted to talk about why we choose to be a team of two, and why its great, but while typing this I decided the share some tips with you. Realizing these aspects of game jams helped us a lot, so maybe it will help you too!


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New’ish website and stuff

Hey all,

We haven’t really updated our website for a looooong time.. very long time actually (too long) .
Anyways, a lot has happened in the last few months, Luckslinger is coming along very well, (will post about that soon). And in February we’ve launched our Kickstarter and Greenlight campaigns for Luckslinger. Our greenlight is still going strong and can be found at¬†

Our kickstarter campaign is already over .. haha, so I don’t think I have to link it.

For now Luckslinger is about 70%’ish and we have an awesome demo available here

That’s all for now, a short update but better than nothing.

Will try to keep updating the site more often than before!

From one game a month to one game in three months!

Hey dudes and dudettes,

I’d like to talk about the ‘One Game A Month’ approach to developing games, which we’ve used quite some and has helped us alot with developing games.

Before making our last game (15Min Max) we’ve been using this approach to game development called ‘One Game A Month’ which basically means that we’ve been making one game each month. This seemed to work really well at first, because our problem was that we always wanted to make BIG games (that we would never finish). And with this new approach we would force ourselves to make smaller games (which could be finished in one month ofcourse).

At first, this approach seemed to work really well, we managed to finish a game each month and we were doing pretty good (some games we’re pretty okay, some we’re pretty bad). Another really good aspect of this approach was the fact that we could ‘try out’ ideas for games (prototype) in one month, so even if the idea was really bad, it wouldn’t be a problem because we’d only work on it for one month.

However, as we made more games, we realized that our games were not as ‘good as they could be’, the games could be WAY better than we made them, if we only had more time…

But we didn’t have more time, because we sort of religiously followed this ‘one game a month’ approach. Untill one day we were discussing the fact that we should be focusing on making ‘good’ games instead of many games (quality > quantity), that lead us to creating ’15Min Max’, which we consider our ‘best’ game so far.

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