Hey dudes and dudettes,

I’d like to talk about the ‘One Game A Month’ approach to developing games, which we’ve used quite some and has helped us alot with developing games.

Before making our last game (15Min Max) we’ve been using this approach to game development called ‘One Game A Month’ which basically means that we’ve been making one game each month. This seemed to work really well at first, because our problem was that we always wanted to make BIG games (that we would never finish). And with this new approach we would force ourselves to make smaller games (which could be finished in one month ofcourse).

At first, this approach seemed to work really well, we managed to finish a game each month and we were doing pretty good (some games we’re pretty okay, some we’re pretty bad). Another really good aspect of this approach was the fact that we could ‘try out’ ideas for games (prototype) in one month, so even if the idea was really bad, it wouldn’t be a problem because we’d only work on it for one month.

However, as we made more games, we realized that our games were not as ‘good as they could be’, the games could be WAY better than we made them, if we only had more time…

But we didn’t have more time, because we sort of religiously followed this ‘one game a month’ approach. Untill one day we were discussing the fact that we should be focusing on making ‘good’ games instead of many games (quality > quantity), that lead us to creating ’15Min Max’, which we consider our ‘best’ game so far.

We’ve just finished 15 Min Max a few days ago but we’ve spent almost 3 months working on it (trice as long as usual) and during development we found that polishing takes A LOT OF TIME. The initial game was done quite fast, but polishing and balancing and stuff took so long. We do believe that the polishing time paid of in the end.. Because we’re more proud of this game than the others before.

So far we’ve gotten a lot of positive response to the game but we’re still wondering if there aren’t parts that should/could improve. So we’re asking if you’d like to play it and provide us with some feedback (if you have any)

You can check out the game in the following url and judge for yourself if this game is better than our previous games.


So from now on, we’ll take the time needed to make games we’re proud of!

PS: If you are also thinking about adopting the one-game-one-month approach, feel free to! it worked well for us!

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