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28th of June 2014

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Come play with Max! He's just a nice guy involuntarily stuck in a game world and needs your help. 15 min Max is the ultime game to prove your actual gaming talent. No time to practice. No endless hours of griding to get the highest score. And most importantly, no friends who spend way more time than you. You have 15 minutes. So stop reading and start playing!


15min Max started out as a small project that Donald was going to work on solo. He had an idea for a highscore game that would have a time-limit so that your score would reflect your actual skill because you wouldn't really have time to practice. After the initial prototype of the game, Marciano decided to join him to help him with some programming work and together they finished 15min Max. For a while it seemed like the game was 'too difficult'! Many testers complained or panicked while playing the game because they didn't know what to do and it was all going too fast (with the time pressure and all). After improving a lot on the game in order to make it easier to play (but still hard to master) the game did pretty well, winning some small award on newgrounds and getting featured on that platform.


  • Unique gameplay constraint, 15 minutes of gameplay.
  • Easy to pick-up, hard to master.
  • Awesome music and an emotional story.
  • Procedurally generated rooms which challenge the player with different gameplay mechanics.
  • Addictive gameplay which will keep you playing for a while.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Featured on newgrounds.com" Featured the week of releasing on newgrounds com
  • "Daily 2nd Place on newgrounds.com" Daily 2nd Place on the 30th of June

Selected Articles

  • "Unique, cute and available time with it was in short supply so our hearts melted instantly."
    - I'd tap that reviews, http://www.idtapthat.reviews/

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15min Max intro theme
Available for free from newgrounds.com.

15min Max main theme
Available for free from newgrounds.com.

Blog post on the Spawning System
2 part blog post describing & explaining the spawning system of the game (with pseudo code) duckbridge.nl.

About Duckbridge

We are Duckbridge, a small full-time indie game developer based in Holland which was found by two guys who met in a game of League of Legends and later found out that they also loved making videogames!

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15min Max Credits

Donald Kooiker
Game Design & Artist

Marciano Viereck
Game programmer & web developer

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