Based in Amersfoort, Netherlands

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28th of May 2021

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Hit the beats to beat the bots and have a little adventure. BOY BEATS WORLD is a top-down rhythm adventure game in which you preform actions on the beat of the music.


After finishing Luckslinger we started prototyping a lot. We went through a bunch of very strange idea’s, but all of them we’re top down adventure style type games. One of the most fun prototypes was one in which the player had to clean the entire planet, everything you would pick up would be visible in your giant backpack. You would hurt enemies by throwing all different kinds of trash at them. There was also an idea in which the player carried a giant sword, that he would throw and retract to hurt enemies. One big thing we wanted to tackle was the battle systems of these type of top down games, because we felt there was lots of room for improvement. We also knew we wanted the game to be set in the future, or at least a sci-fi world. Something entirely different from the wild west from our previous game Luckslinger. After experimenting with music as a weapon we realized what we wanted to make. A rhythm type game in which the player was allowed to make mistakes and that would focus on feeling the beat and vibing out to it. In contrast to many rhythm games we saw and played in which the player has to high speed perfect button inputs to progress.


  • Unique rhythm gameplay mechanics.
  • Fully fleshed out world with many places and characters to discover.
  • A meaty kick-ass soundtrack in a electro style.
  • A freestyle mode for players that have trouble feeling the rhythm.
  • Enemies, bosses, loot and a shop.
  • A talking radio named Daisybell.


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About Duckbridge

We are Duckbridge, a small full-time indie game developer based in Holland which was found by two guys who met in a game of League of Legends and later found out that they also loved making videogames!

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Boy Beats World Credits

Donald Kooiker
Game Design & Artist

Marciano Viereck
Game programmer & web developer

Rik van Ravenswaaij

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