Based in Amersfoort, Netherlands

Founding date:
1st of May 2014


Press / Business Contact:



Park Schoonoord 18

+316 83218388


We are Duckbridge, a small full-time indie game developer based in Holland which was found by two guys who met in a game of League of Legends and later found out that they also loved making videogames!



Duckbridge was founded in May of 2014, but had been making games under a different name a while before that. Donald and Marciano met eachother around 2010 during an online videogame match. They didn’t know eachother at the time but after the match they decided to add eachother on Skype and play together. It was around early 2014 when Donald, Marciano and two other friends (all studying Game Development) decided to take game development more seriously. At that moment Duckbridge was more or less born (only under a different name) and the four friends decided to start by making one game every month, however because certain friends were still in university they couldn’t allocate the time to make a game every month.

Duckbridge is born

After they were several months in, the two friends decided to leave Duckbridge and Donald and Marciano were left. Around this time, Donald and Marciano decided to enter in the Global Game Jam 2014 in Leeuwarden and won the award for best programmer with their game Boring Ben. After the split the company name got changed to Duckbridge and Donald and Marciano started working on their new game. They quit the ‘one game a month’ approach because they found that it didn’t yield the results that they were looking for. From that moment on they have been working on 15min Max which they have released on the web, on Android and on iOS. After 15min Max they decided to go all-in on game development and quit their jobs to work full-time on Luckslinger, which they have released on Steam! (http://store.steampowered.com/app/358810).



Luckslinger trailer YouTube



There are far more images available for Duckbridge, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!


Awards & Recognition

  • "3st price award" - Global Game Jam 2015 Amsterdam, January 2015
  • "1st price award for best programmer" - Global Game Jam 2014 Leeuwarden, January 2014
  • "Daily 2nd Place on newgrounds.com" - Daily 2nd Place on the 30th of June

Selected Articles

  • "The way Luckslinger takes it on feels unique: luck is a resource to be managed and it affects the world in obvious ways."
    - Darren Nakamura, destructoid.com
  • "the actual luck system makes a key difference and elevates Luckslinger miles above other side-scrolling action platformers"
    - Softpedia , softpedia.com/
  • "Luckslinger is a hardcore platformer with tight and addicting gameplay, and has a theme and style that, while great-looking, never takes itself too seriously."
    - IndieRuckus, indieruckus.com
  • "Overall, I was deeply impressed with Luckslinger. This game, while aggravatingly difficult at times—and let’s face it, what good game isn’t?—is a real gem."
    - Techraptor, techraptor.net
  • "Unique, cute and available time with it was in short supply so our hearts melted instantly."
    - I'd tap that reviews, http://www.idtapthat.reviews/

Team & Repeating Collaborators

Donald Kooiker
Game Designer, Artist

Marciano Viereck
Game Programmer, WebDeveloper

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