Who are we?

We are Duckbridge, a small indie game developer based in Holland which was found by two guys who met in a game of League of Legends and later found out that they also loved making videogames!   We've been developing videogames for a while now and have released Luckslinger for PC, 15 min max for android & ios some small Gamejam games and are currently working on Boy Beats World. Check out our twitter & instagram!
Boy Beats World
15 minutes max


A mixed bag of commercial titles and  Gamejam games!

Some nice words about Luckslinger

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Team duckbridge

Donald Kooiker
Donald Kooiker

Game designer / Artist

    Marciano Viereck
    Marciano Viereck


      Extra information

      Computerwerg 1 Amersfoort, Netherlands