For the king is a game that we made for Global Game Jam 2015 within 48 hours and we managed to win the 3rd place price with this game!

For the king is a short but sort-of complete game that just… was fun to make. We’re super proud of this game!

fortheking screenshot

The game

Help the crippled king get to the door by using his magic to transform his followers! The king is not only a king, he is also a part-time wizard! The king can transform his followers into cubes or other objects to help him get to the end of the level. (The king can stand on his transformed followers to create a platform for him, or whatever you need)

You can also throw the king as a last-resort!


The demo is available online(on newgrounds) and as a stand-alone for Windows:
(PS: If you want a MAC stand-alone or LINUX stand-alone feel free to email us!)