Last friday we attended our first bigger event called Hell o’ Bullets which is a collaborative shoot’em up showcase by Amulware, bitHuffel, Critical Bit, Two Tribes and 2Awesome Studio with the support of Indietopia. Eventhough Luckslinger isn’t a ‘shoot’em up’ we were still allowed to showcase our game at the event, which was super cool!

lEuhu85Because Donald and I both don’t live near Groningen, we decided to take the train early to be on time. When we arrived at the event we found out that we actually arrived way too early, so we decided to just get some coffee and hot chocolate milk<3 in the centre of Groningen…

After wandering around a bit for a while we could set-up our stuff and we were told to ‘do-it-yourself’, so we just grabbed a chair and a table and figured that it might be relaxing if people could sit down and play the game.


At first we were kind of nervous because we hadn’t ever showcased at such a big event as this one, and because we are working on Luckslinger fulltime it’s always a bit scary to hear people’s opinions on it.

After a while the event became quite crowded and many people were playing Luckslinger, and most of the response was quite positive! We were happy to see that people enjoyed the game and some were curious about the idea behind it and about our plans for Luckslinger. Some people also asked if we could send them a build of the game so they could check it out at home!

Friday night we were super tired of talking all day and showing the game, so we decided to relax and grab a beer at a local bar. Afterwards we went back to our hotel and I spent some hours fixing some bugs that we found during the day.

When we arrived at the event again on Satuday, we found that the event would end early and that it would only last untill 14:30. Despite the short time of the event on Saturday, it was quite fun and we spent most of our time talking to other devs. A few people did play the game and really liked it! So that’s always good:) !

I guess what’s most fun about these kind of events is that you get to talk with people about your game and show them something you worked so much on! We will surely try to showcase the game at more events whenever possible!