So I haven’t really blogged that much about Luckslinger, besides the kickstarter/greenlight post. Luckslinger is coming along very nicely, we have almost finished up the 5th level of the game and the Clover Creeks are starting to look really cool. We have a lot of new music and have actually spent quit some time on improving very small parts of the game. Duckbridge also has gained some new (cool) skills, he is even more usefull now! 😀

We cannot really reveal too much without spoiling a lot of stuff though ;).

Anyways, after we got Greenlit we actually figured we should shift focus again on other platforms to release on. So we’ve re-contacted Microsoft & Sony about the posibility for us to become Ps(3/4) or Xbox developers so that we can release Luckslinger on those platforms aswell (which will ofcourse be after our PC release).

For the PC, we will release on Steam (obviously), but we will also release on Desura and on Indiegamestand.

We chose to also release on Desura because there is a streamed called ‘indie’ who actually helped us with some visibility early on during development and has helped us with our greenlight campaign. He gave us some attention when we didn’t get a lot and we’re grateful for all of that. So in order to ‘return the favor’, we will release on the platform that he was promoting ‘Desura’.

We chose to release on Indiegamestand because we think that the idea that 10% of your revenu goes to charity is awesome! We really love the idea of this, I actually always wanted to help charity in some way, but just giving money never felt good. Eventhough you could argue that this is the same, it feels very different, so we’re excited about it!

For the console platforms, we’ll get back to that later!

That’s all for now!

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    Your tone and enthusiasm really shows in your writing. Great post!

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