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Tutorial: Implementing basic 2D touch controls in unity

Hey all, I’m marciano Viereck, the programmer @ Duckbridge and the other day I got a question about how to implement some basic 2D touch controls (for example that you can move something up, down, left and right by dragging it. In our framework we have code that allows us to use touch controls, so in this post I’ll go over how we implemented it in Unity3D and it might help you!:)
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Luckslinger showcase at Hell o’ bullets event

Last friday we attended our first bigger event called Hell o’ Bullets which is a collaborative shoot’em up showcase by Amulware, bitHuffel, Critical Bit, Two Tribes and 2Awesome Studio with the support of Indietopia. Eventhough Luckslinger isn’t a ‘shoot’em up’ we were still allowed to showcase our game at the event, which was super cool!

lEuhu85Because Donald and I both don’t live near Groningen, we decided to take the train early to be on time. When we arrived at the event we found out that we actually arrived way too early, so we decided to just get some coffee and hot chocolate milk<3 in the centre of Groningen…
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Hell o’ bullets

Good news! we will be showcasing Luckslinger at the ‘Hell o Bullets‘ event in Groningen at the 21st and 22nd of November! We’re really excited about it, but we still have quite some stuff left to fix for the event.

Last Wednesday we also did a showcase at the ‘Connected Lunch’ event at the Dutch Game Garden. The Connected Lunch is a monthly event where developers can showcase their game and people can play it. It’s very good for some small play-test sessions.

The event was really fun and cool and most of the feedback that we received was quite positive and people seemed to enjoy the game. We hope to upload some pictures of the event soon though!

Luckslinger screenshots

We’re currently busy with working on Luckslinger. Luckslinger a hip hop infused spaghetti western action platformer with a lucky twist. It is a 2D action platformer in which luck is measurable, changeable and has an impact on the game world.

We have made quite some content for the game already, but there is a still a long road ahead of us!
Some screenshots can be seen here





The Duckbridge life; the beginning


It’s been a while since I spoke about working fulltime at Duckbridge in the article ‘setting out on our own’ and at this moment we’ve been working fulltime at Duckbridge for 1.5 month or so. Time has gone by so fast that it doesn’t seem like that long ago that I quit my job to pursue Duckbridge fulltime.

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Setting out on our own; the inevitable!

It’s super exciting and scary at the same time; in a week we (Duckbridge) will be starting our own game company, it was kind of a scary and hard decision to make, but we decided to just go for it!

Donald and I have been making videogames together for a little while now (almost a year) but mostly part-time and we didn’t ever really finish a game untill our last game (15min Max). We found that fully finishing a videogame takes a lot of time, even more than we were spending on them previously.

Starting our own game ‘company’ was more or less a joke at first. It was more a joke that Donald brought up but it became more serious when we found that we couldn’t really ‘get around it’. And with ‘company’ we just mean indie developer.

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A spawning system that keeps our game interesting [p2/tech]

This article continues on our previous article (which can be seen here: ). I recommend that you check that one out before this one, because it goes over the general idea of our spawning system for 15min Max (

(I do recommend checking out the first article and the game, so that you can get a general idea of the spawning system)

In this article I will talk more in-depth about our spawning system and provide some (pseudo) code with explanations to give you an idea of how it was implemented, the pseudo code given is not all the code, but it is the code that is more or less needed to get this to work.

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A spawning system that keeps our game interesting [p1]

For those who have played  15min Max ( will be aware that the rooms in the game are spawned randomly, however, this is not entirely true.

The spawning system for the rooms in 15min Max is a bit more complicated! The spawning system for 15min Max works by unlocking room types, this is done so that the player has to pass certain room types in order to play others. This was also done to make it easier for the player to get used to the room types.

In this blog post I will go over the spawner and in the second part I will also provide some (pseudo) code for the spawner and discuss it.

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From one game a month to one game in three months!

Hey dudes and dudettes,

I’d like to talk about the ‘One Game A Month’ approach to developing games, which we’ve used quite some and has helped us alot with developing games.

Before making our last game (15Min Max) we’ve been using this approach to game development called ‘One Game A Month’ which basically means that we’ve been making one game each month. This seemed to work really well at first, because our problem was that we always wanted to make BIG games (that we would never finish). And with this new approach we would force ourselves to make smaller games (which could be finished in one month ofcourse).

At first, this approach seemed to work really well, we managed to finish a game each month and we were doing pretty good (some games we’re pretty okay, some we’re pretty bad). Another really good aspect of this approach was the fact that we could ‘try out’ ideas for games (prototype) in one month, so even if the idea was really bad, it wouldn’t be a problem because we’d only work on it for one month.

However, as we made more games, we realized that our games were not as ‘good as they could be’, the games could be WAY better than we made them, if we only had more time…

But we didn’t have more time, because we sort of religiously followed this ‘one game a month’ approach. Untill one day we were discussing the fact that we should be focusing on making ‘good’ games instead of many games (quality > quantity), that lead us to creating ’15Min Max’, which we consider our ‘best’ game so far.

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Just released 15minutes max to gamejolt!

We just released our newest game 15minutes max to gamejolt:
Play it here! and rate it and stuff

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