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The Duckbridge Life p3

Note: I actually wrote this around December 2014, but I never posted it (for some reason), so it’s actually kind of old.. haha. But after re-reading it today I figured that people might care about it:)

It’s been a while since I wrote about our ‘start-up life’ as Duckbridge. We started around 3-4 months ago, when we quit our jobs and started working fulltime on Duckbridge (and our first full-time title : Luckslinger).

Most of our time up untill now we’ve spend just developing the game and promoting it at some events and whatnot. The development of the game has gone pretty well so far and we’re planning to go on Greenlight & Kickstarter soon.

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What have we been up to

So I haven’t really blogged that much about Luckslinger, besides the kickstarter/greenlight post. Luckslinger is coming along very nicely, we have almost finished up the 5th level of the game and the Clover Creeks are starting to look really cool. We have a lot of new music and have actually spent quit some time on improving very small parts of the game. Duckbridge also has gained some new (cool) skills, he is even more usefull now! :D

We cannot really reveal too much without spoiling a lot of stuff though ;).

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Luckslinger got greenlit!

Hey people,

It’s been a rough road, but Luckslinger got greenlit today! We’re so excited about it and happy and tired and many things at the same time. At some point we didn’t think that Luckslinger would still get greenlit. It’s so crazy, just a few hours ago I was thinking that I wouldn’t mind waiting a few more weeks to get greenlit, but then it just happened!



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New old post: ‘Bullets & Beats’ (Luckslinger)

Hey all,

I was going through my documents and I actually found an old article that I (probably) wanted to post a loooong time ago (around october 2014) but never did… for some reason.
So here it is, the ‘new old post’, enjoy

About a month ago we decided to upload a demo of ‘Bullets & Beats’ (or as it’s now called ‘Luckslinger’) to Newgrounds and GameJolt, to see it people would like it and if our mechanic would work at all.



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New’ish website and stuff

Hey all,

We haven’t really updated our website for a looooong time.. very long time actually (too long) .
Anyways, a lot has happened in the last few months, Luckslinger is coming along very well, (will post about that soon). And in February we’ve launched our Kickstarter and Greenlight campaigns for Luckslinger. Our greenlight is still going strong and can be found at

Our kickstarter campaign is already over .. haha, so I don’t think I have to link it.

For now Luckslinger is about 70%’ish and we have an awesome demo available here

That’s all for now, a short update but better than nothing.

Will try to keep updating the site more often than before!

Tutorial: Implementing basic 2D touch controls in unity

Hey all, I’m marciano Viereck, the programmer @ Duckbridge and the other day I got a question about how to implement some basic 2D touch controls (for example that you can move something up, down, left and right by dragging it. In our framework we have code that allows us to use touch controls, so in this post I’ll go over how we implemented it in Unity3D and it might help you!:)
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Luckslinger showcase at Hell o’ bullets event

Last friday we attended our first bigger event called Hell o’ Bullets which is a collaborative shoot’em up showcase by Amulware, bitHuffel, Critical Bit, Two Tribes and 2Awesome Studio with the support of Indietopia. Eventhough Luckslinger isn’t a ‘shoot’em up’ we were still allowed to showcase our game at the event, which was super cool!

lEuhu85Because Donald and I both don’t live near Groningen, we decided to take the train early to be on time. When we arrived at the event we found out that we actually arrived way too early, so we decided to just get some coffee and hot chocolate milk<3 in the centre of Groningen…
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Hell o’ bullets

Good news! we will be showcasing Luckslinger at the ‘Hell o Bullets‘ event in Groningen at the 21st and 22nd of November! We’re really excited about it, but we still have quite some stuff left to fix for the event.

Last Wednesday we also did a showcase at the ‘Connected Lunch’ event at the Dutch Game Garden. The Connected Lunch is a monthly event where developers can showcase their game and people can play it. It’s very good for some small play-test sessions.

The event was really fun and cool and most of the feedback that we received was quite positive and people seemed to enjoy the game. We hope to upload some pictures of the event soon though!

Luckslinger screenshots

We’re currently busy with working on Luckslinger. Luckslinger a hip hop infused spaghetti western action platformer with a lucky twist. It is a 2D action platformer in which luck is measurable, changeable and has an impact on the game world.

We have made quite some content for the game already, but there is a still a long road ahead of us!
Some screenshots can be seen here





The Duckbridge life; the beginning


It’s been a while since I spoke about working fulltime at Duckbridge in the article ‘setting out on our own’ and at this moment we’ve been working fulltime at Duckbridge for 1.5 month or so. Time has gone by so fast that it doesn’t seem like that long ago that I quit my job to pursue Duckbridge fulltime.

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